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Hello !
I'm Kensuke, owner of Broken Doll Japan.
Welcome to the Broken Doll's international store featuring handmade items of the latest Japanese Kawaii Punk world!
Our items fit the styles of Kawaii, Cool, Cyber, Goth, and Rock!

Broken Doll is best known internationally as a 1980s-inspired Japanese rock/punk band who often perform in flamboyant Harajuku fashion. People in Tokyo also know Broken Doll the band, but another Broken Doll is just as well known – Broken Doll, the fashion label! Check it out: http://tokyofashion.com/broken-doll-japan/

Broken Doll has made magazine appearances in KERA (U Kimura, Haruka Kurebayashi, JUNNYAN), Tokyo Fashion.com, Zipper, FRUiTS, TUNE, Japanese Streets.

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I can ship internationally through EMS from Tokyo.
For more information on shipping and cost:

Payment is available through Paypal and Credit Card.

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Thank you for visiting!
Broken Doll

Introduction of my store Tokyo,Japan.

What is EMS?
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Owner's Blog
BrokenDoll 10th Anniversary Party 開催決定!
おかげさまでBrokenDoll は今年でバンドとブランド共に10周年を迎えることができました。
そこで ささやかですが10周年記念ライブイベントを開催いたします。
皆さまお誘いの上 イベントに遊びに来ていただけたら幸いです。

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