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Item Description

Skull Cherry Pierced Earrings ( Pink, Green )

Our Selling Price: 890yen (tax incl.)
Weight: 70g
So cool skull cherries!
Broken Doll's handmade accessory.

Color : Pink or Green
Item weight : 70 (g)

Please be careful about the sizes and colours when purchasing. Picture may not represent the actual colour(s) of the product. Refer to the colors mentioned above in this section. The shipping provided when placing an order is an estimate, which is subject to change, and might be adjusted when accurate information on the item's weight is available.

*Material: resin
*Size: 1cm (a piece of cherry)
*Conversion Table
1cm = 0.01m = 0.3937in = 0.0328ft
1g = 0.001kg = 0.03527oz av = 0.0022lb
1L = 100cL = 1000mL = 33.814fl oz (U.S.) = 0.2641U.S.gal

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