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Item Description

Broken Doll Casette Tape Necklace 80's love

Our Selling Price: 4,320yen (tax incl.)
[Low stock] Weight: 150g
Broken Doll made so cool geek necklace!
"Vintage","Retro", "Pop","Harajuku-kei"fashion style.
Broken Doll's high quality handmade item.
made in Japan.

With the radio playing the same music over and over, it can be a headache! So why not take the music around with you? We've made it possible for you to carry around your own unique music style with these necklaces for you to wear. You'll be able to play Broken Doll music where ever you go!

*cassette tape does not actually work

Color : Black chain, Colorful Tape

*Material & Size
Material: Chain and Cassette are plastic
Chain Length 70 cm

*Conversion Table
1cm = 0.01m = 0.3937in = 0.0328ft
1g = 0.001kg = 0.03527oz av = 0.0022lb
1L = 100cL = 1000mL = 33.814fl oz (U.S.) = 0.2641U.S.gal

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